Meeting dates for 2021


All full council meetings take place in the Pavilion at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month.


January - 6th

February - 3rd

March - 3rd

April - 7th

April - 21st (Annual Parish Report - no meeting)

May - 5th (Annual Parish Council Meeting)

June - 2nd

July - 7th

August - 4th

September - 1st

October - 6th

November - 3rd

December - 1st


Due to Coronavirus Aprils meetings were not held, but essential decisions were made via email and were ratified at the following months meeting. May and June full council meetings have been held via teleconference on the dates mentioned above. The Annual meetings have been postponed, this has been under advisement from NALC/EALC and SLCC.