Planning applications are viewed by the Parish Council for comment before being assessed by Tendring District Council's Planning Department.

Applications are discussed during the Parish Council Planning meeting as required.

Comments are then sent to Tendring District Council Planning department.

Access to planning applications will be published on this site after they have been received from Tendring District Council under Planning Applications. 

Brief details will be given of the application and the relevant application number.


For fuller details of all Planning Applications submitted to Tendring District Council please follow the link below that will take you to the Tendring District Council Website Planning Page.

Full details of Applications and Plans may be viewed on line here:-

Here you will be able to search for the relevant application by entering in either :-

  • The name for the street of the application.
  • The Application Number.
  • A range of dates.
  • The Post Code
  • By Searching a Weekly List


Tendring District Council Local Plan


The current information for the Local Plan can be found at the below link: