Full Parish Council Meeting Agendas



January 2020 File: AgendaofParishCouncil08-01-20.docx

February 2020 File: AgendaofParishCouncil05-02-20.docx

March 2020 File: AgendaofParishCouncil04-03-20.docx

April - No meeting due to Cornoavirus situation

May - Telephone conference to be held File: AgendaofParishCouncil06-05-20.docx 

May 2020 Annual Report

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions the Parish Councils Annual Parish Meeting will not be held. The below link is a report which has been put together to keep you updated.


June - Telephone conference to be held File: AgendaofParishCouncil03-06-20.docx

July - Telephone conference to be held File: AgendaofParishCouncil01-07-20.docx

August - Telephone conference to be held File: AgendaofParishCouncil05-08-20.docx

September - Telephone conference to be held File: AgendaofParishCouncil02-09-20.docx

October - Telephone conference to be held File: AgendaofParishCouncil07-10-20.docx




 January 2019 File: 21169427-211694421.docx

 February 2019 File: 21169427-21652137.docx

 March 2019 File: 21169427-21955419.docx

 April 2019File: 21169427-216521371.docx

 May 2019File: 21169427-21955419.docx

June 2019File: 21169427-219554191.docx

July 2019File: 21169427-22277491.docx

 August 2019File: 21169427-222774911.docx

September 2019File: 21169427-22688263.docx

October 2019File: 21169427-23032398.docx

November 2019File: AgendaofParishCouncil06-11-19.docx

December 2019File: AgendaofParishCouncil04-12-19.docx